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This is pretty much all I know about True Blood and I haven’t watched the show because I don’t want to taint perfection with reality.

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So hey tumblr, are we gonna talk about the fact the author for the latest episode of Night Vale (Capital Campaign) writes underage rape porn on the side?

Links to the screencaps above:




This is not something to be disregarded flippantly. This person guest writes on a show where a large portion of the audience are underage, and whose primary contribution to the show has been a young girl character and an episode about children.

So tumblr, are we gonna talk about it? Signal boost this nonsense.

I find this deeply unsettling.

Tamika Flynn is an awesome character, but to think she was created by someone who writes underage rape fic is… so weird. 

I know fiction like this is not indicative of what people DO, but I still think there should be a zero tolerance on underaged rape fic. 

I doubt Finknor know about this. They don’t read fanfic. But ugh. 

First Tom Milsom and now this.

Holy shit let me butt in and school you for a second as someone in the Persona 4 fandom who is very familiar with one of the fics listed above. I cannot speak for the others on this list but I can least speak for this.

Sympathy Crime is a well known fanfic in the P4 fan community. EXTREMELY well known. Inevitably if you talk about P4 fanfic you will eventually have Sympathy Crime come up. Now I have made it clear to a couple of people that I am personally not a fan of it, but my reasons are neither here or there. They don’t matter right now. The point is Sympathy Crime is almost a rite of passage for this fandom these days, or at least if you’re a fan of the primary characters involved.

The thing is, even if you’re not a fan of Sympathy Crime, it’s clear what the fic is and isn’t about.

This is not a fic about underage rape. This is not some kind of kink oriented fic.

This is a fic that is victim focused.

This fic does not at all glorify rape or abuse. It doesn’t try to make it into something kinky to get off to. In fact there is nothing sexy at all about anything in it and there’s like… I think a total of one sex scene. It is entirely about the psychological effects an abusive relationship has. It is as well loved as it is because it is a well-written portrayal of such a sensitive subject matter that hits close for a lot of people.

And y’know what?

I’ve seen people whose lives were saved by this fanfic. People who realized their current situations were unsafe and were able to recognize that because they read Sympathy Crime. As well as this I have seen other accounts from people who were able to cope through some of their own trauma while reading this.

And the writer herself has also saved people. I urge you all to read this, it is a very personal account from a friend of mine who is both a rape survivor and extremely close to sodomquake/Ashley. It is very important for you to read this and realize how fucked up this whole thing is.

Anyway like I said I can’t speak for the other stories on this list, but from what I know of Sympathy Crime’s writing and the things I’ve heard about Ashley from people who personally know her, I am sure they are handled with the same amount of sensitivity and respect.

And even if they’re not?

Here’s a newsflash for you tumblr, one that you just can’t seem to wrap your heads around. I can’t speak for this case specifically as I don’t personally know her, but I think this is something you all need to keep in mind:

A lot of times rape or abuse fics are written by survivors themselves. I’m not saying all cases are, but for a lot of people it is a coping mechanism. A chance to write from your own experience. And a lot of times these same fics can bring comfort to other people coping with similar experiences. Obviously this does not go for everyone, but I know plenty of people it does apply to. And I have now seen too many people afraid to do this now because of shit like this post. People saying that no one should write about these subjects ever without understanding the solace it gives some people. It makes people afraid of witch hunts like this (and yes this is a witch hunt, you cherry picked 5 out of like 83, written over the past 7 years. You went out of your way to dig this up and even created a sock account just for it all just to cause a stink fuck you) and that is seriously messed right the fuck up.

How many of you have even read any of these? Next to none I assume, because otherwise you would know this is bullshit. You’re all just playing a blind game of Follow The Leader and hitting reblog without thinking for yourselves or doing your own research. You are just believing anything you fucking read and jumping to the same messed up conclusions. It happens to the best of us sometimes, especially when it’s regarding serious issues but in this case it is especially egregious and disgusting. This is the worst of tumblr right here.

tl;dr: op is a piece of shit starting a witch hunt over a woman whose actions as well as her writing have actually helped/saved rape and abuse survivors, and they are trying to make her look bad/potentially lose her job. All because her victim-focused, heavy subject matter fiction have the appropriate trigger warnings.


I’m not a fan of sympathy crime, but judging an author without actually having consumed their works in any way is a very disgusting thing to do, and I wish that author nothing but the best, even if I don’t like their fics, because that’s my *personal opinion* and has no baring of the actual quality of their writing. 


First of all: thanks to everyone who weighed in on my side here. That means a huge amount to me. Nothing resulting from anything I’ve ever written has been as important to me as people telling me Sympathy Crime helped them in some way always has been. Literally nothing.

I almost hate to stoop to the level of mounting any defense here, honestly, but: the ages of the youngest participant in those first three stories are as follows: 17, 17, 17. The last one, if you’ll look a little closer, is not underage. The youngest participant in the fourth one is 14 — and in that case, he is the rapist. In all of them the youngest participant is the narrator and not sexualized. None of the non-consensual scenes are designed as sex scenes. They are written as scenes of violence.

I am not saying that to throw under the bus anyone who engages in writing fiction of rape or non-consensual sex fantasies. It’s not something I’m into personally, but we all have our own experiences of sexuality in the safety of fantasy life and I don’t feel I’m an adequate judge of other people’s explorations or experiences.

A lot of the media I consume is either aimed at adolescents or has adolescent characters in prominent roles. As I think is true for a lot of lovers of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. A lot of the good stuff gets written for or about teens. I think that’s great. Teens deserve good stuff. Lord knows they get shat on enough otherwise.

There is a difference between fiction and reality. Fiction goes to strange places without necessarily meaning to find them pleasurable. None of this really needs to be said.

When I was 17, I wrote a story with a rape scene in it, from the victim’s point of view, about the victim’s experience, because it felt like part of her story to me and I was teaching myself about the role of violence and horror in the world. A friend read that story and made a cryptic comment to me, very privately, about how I had gotten it right. At a sleepover a few months later I dared to ask about it, and we sat in another friend’s bedroom at 2 in the morning and she told me, quietly and matter-of-factly, her story. She was calm, but I cried and held her hand. I cry a lot.

When I was 28, a new friend’s PTSD and trauma were brought back to her by bullying, and she tried to kill herself. I sat more times than I can count with my arm around her shoulders until it went to sleep while she shook or cried or did nothing and told me stories. I did the same thing while she told her counselor the stories. I felt stupid and useless and powerless as she got better without my help, really, like people do. I cut my guts open again and again onto a computer keyboard getting rid of every terror and misstep and self-loathing I had had along the way.

I don’t have my own story. That much is true. But I am good at telling stories. And I am always wrestling with why and how there are so many stories to tell.

None of this changes anything. I’m sorry if people imagined that a predator had violated something that gave them solace. That must be a terrible way to feel. I’m sorry if people aren’t okay with the fact that I write about this stuff not having any experience of it, because that’s fair.

I’m also going to be deleting my Tumblr, my AO3, and every other evidence of my fandom life I can find, because I am an educator professionally, and it literally doesn’t matter why I did anything there, either. I am not stupid enough to think anyone outside of fandom is going to look past the surface of any of this, even past the weirdness of writing fanfiction with sexual content, if they run across it. So I have to do what I need to do to keep from being fired from my actual job and leaving both myself and my very adult wife of five years to starve to death.

Thanks for reminding me what happens to women who become visible, Tumblr. I’d almost forgotten.

Thank you for making life better for people, including me, Ashley, person I have known and loved for nearly half my life. Thank you for being a good writer and a good person.

And a big fuck you to the OP. Night Vale deserves so much better than fans like you.

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